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Capt. Jeff Watkins Sr.
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Boca Grande/Placida Fishing Report

Boca Grande Fishing Charters November 20th 2022

On This Boca Grande/Placida Fishing Report we are still recovering from Hurricane Ian and it will be ongoing for quite some time but everyone is making a lot of progress and we are slowly but surely getting back to normal. As expected after a major Hurricane we have some Red Tide in the area with all the rain run off mainly inshore and on the beaches but still plenty of spots inshore to get away from it for some catch and release fishing as I don’t recommend harvesting any inshore fish to eat during this. Offshore we get far away from it in the deeper waters and bring back some great table fair.

Ft Myers Fishing Charters

We have been up & running for over a month now and the fishing has been great. Offshore on the 8 hour trips we’ve been catching plenty of delicious Snapper including Yellowtail , Gray, and Vermillion also some catch and release Red Grouper & Lane Snapper as both are closed until the first of the year. Gag Grouper & Triggerfish are open until Jan 1st 2023 and we have been getting a few of those as well. Cobia, Kingfish, and even a few Scamp Grouper have been making an appearance. We have been running the 8 hr offshore and we’ve been fishing 36-47 miles out. NO RED TIDE!! anywhere to be found out there. We’ve been mostly bottom fishing with live and cut bait has been the best producers dropped down on a chicken rig set up. With winter approaching and the water temps will start dropping the fishing will heat up even more and we can’t wait for some cooler weather as it’s been a long hot summer. Get your trip booked early so you don’t miss out .

Placida Inshore Fishing Charters November 20th 2022

Boca Grande/Placida Fishing Report -Inshore/Backcountry fishing in Boca Grande is on fire. We do have some red tide around but we can still get out and do some spectacular fishing. The Redfish really start to school up in big schools of sometimes 100’s of fish and then the fun starts. Anything from cut baits, live baits, & artificial baits like Johnson Gold Spoons, DOA Paddle Tails work great too.

Furthermore late October through the rest of the year is some of the best inshore fishing you will find. With the cooler weather and water temps dropping results in great fishing. The Speckled Sea Trout have also been steady action with mainly using Shrimp, and artificial baits. Snook are pretty much everywhere. With the bigger ones mainly on the docks close to the passes where the bait and current is plentiful. And last Tarpon !! we still have quite a few around, mainly the up river around the bridges and a few of the sand bars throughout the harbor. Doa Bait busters are my number one go to this time of year. Book today @