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Capt. Jeff Watkins Sr.
US Coast Guard Licensed
40 yrs local fishing knowledge
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Fishing Charter in Boca Grande/Fishing Report

On this Boca Grande Fishing Report Red Snapper season is winding down and it’s been a busy season with some monster Red Snapper this year. If your looking to go next yr it’s advised you get your trip booked far in advanced so you are able to get out for them. The last few weeks the offshore Boca Grande Fishing Charters have been steady action besides the Red Snapper we’ve been catching a lot of other fish , Therefore, if you’re looking for a Offshore Fishing Charter in Boca Grande look no further. For the Red Snapper trips we’ve been fishing 45-55 miles offshore where we also have been getting some nice Mangrove Snapper, Lane Snapper, Red Grouper, Gag Grouper , A few Scamps, Yellowtail Snapper , Vermillion Snapper , a few Mahi-Mahi, and a surprise African Pompano. As a rule when we get our Red Snapper limit we’ve been coming into around 35-40 miles and getting the other fish . For Red Snapper the trips are a min of 9 hr trips but this season closes August 3rd . However, if your looking to stay even closer to shore our nearshore shorter trips we are still catching Mangrove Snapper, Lane Snapper (smaller), Red Grouper, and Gag Grouper, but usually shorts at the closer water depth. Let’s go fishing, so get your trip BOOKED TODAY!!

About Boca Grande

Red Grouper

Mangrove Snapper

It’s summer time here in Boca Grande and it’s been a scorcher. The water is hot and the fishing even hotter on the inshore/Backcountry fishing in Boca Grande, the inshore fishing has been a blast. In addition to Redfish, Snook, and Trout, we’ve been catching some pompano as well. The best baits to use have been live Shrimp, Pinfish, whitebait, cut ladyfish, crabs and Mirror Lure soft plastic jigs. Depending on the tides we fish the mangrove shorelines and the pot holes as the fish conjugate in the deeper water on the lower tides and are usually stacked. Recent trips have produced 20+ Trout, Ladyfish, a few Redfish, and some big Snook. To clarify** Redfish, and Snook are all closed for harvesting until at May 2022. The state opened Trout but as most Captains I’m also only catch & release as we all feel they should’ve remained closed to allow a comeback from the red tide in 2018. Get your trip booked today!!

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